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Children & Youth Classes

We offer a fully staffed nursery for infants through 3 years old so that parents and family members can attend adult classes with peace of mind.  Beginning at age 4 through Senior in high school, children and students can attend age appropriate Sunday School classes where lessons are prepared and taught by experienced leaders who work to meet needs of that particular age group

Christian Disciples

Adults in this class range in age from approximately 65 to mid 80s with 6-10 in attendance each week.  The class is currently focusing on the topic "To Live is Christ, to Die is Gain" by watching a video series and then discussing the material each week.  Future material may include increased awareness of Satan's attempted presence in our daily lives.  The Christian Disciples enjoy camaraderie and fellowship while communing with God and showing love to others.

Joy Class

Our Joy class members range in age from late 70's to 100.  While there are a few snow birds, the majority of the class lives locally in Henry Count.  Lessons are presented using prepared materials and topics include faith, prayer, doubt, peace and living for the Lord.  As the material is shared, there is plenty of time for discussion and sharing.  

The Breakfast Club

Adults in this class are from a wide age range, and the majority of the class is comprised of parents with children from 1-20.  Topics for The Breakfast Club include wisdom, patience, love and fear and are presented by first reviewing relevant scriptures and then discussing in round-table setting. The wide age range and differences in life stages allows for a warm, welcoming and judgement free group who loves to laugh and share life together.

Future Class:  Young Adults

While not currently available, we hope to be able to provide a class geared towards young adults that have graduated high school and are finding their way in the world of higher education and careers.  We will discuss topics relevant to this group in a comfortable and conversational setting.

Soul Food

Adults of various ages and life circumstances attend this class.  Topics for the Soul Food class include handling your emotions, Spirit controlled temperament, Spiritual Gifts Inventory, and understanding the Holy Spirit.  Class time is interactive and conversational making the flow of the material very organic.  There is not a set point to reach in the material each week, as the discussion is guided by the flow of conversation and questions asked.

New Horizons

This class has a wide age range of 40's to 70's with both single adults and married couples.  Studies for the New Horizons class include various books of the Bible as well as the Fruit of the Spirit.  Each class is led by a facilitator which allows for a lot of discussion, sharing and time spent sharing prayer requests and praises.  With their casual approach, there is a lot of room for a fun and loving atmosphere.

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