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History of our Church


The work of the Church of God in New Castle had a humble beginning. In 1912, 3 families met together, first in homes and then in a rented hall. Bro. Elijah Van Hoose came to serve as their first Pastor of the new congregation. Growth continued, with meetings held in the Court House and then at 18th & Walnut where a new building was dedicated in 1922, under the pastorate of Bro. Frank Steimla.


Roy W. Potter and F. Stanley Smith followed as pastors, prior to the coming of Herman Ast in September 1926. After 38 years of ministry in New Castle, Rev. Ast retired on September 1, 1964. H.Lee Murrell then served as pastor for 2 years, followed by Melvin Miller who unexpectedly passed away after less than a year in the pastorate. D. C. Stafford came later in

that year, serving until 1973. In August 1973, Harold Goodpastor came as pastor, and served until the end of 1979. During his ministry, the present facilities on S. Memorial Dr. were built. In April 1980, Larry Buford was called as Senior Pastor and served as Associate Pastor. Rev. Peterson served until May 1987.


In July 1988, Bob R. Cole was called to serve as Associate Pastor. In 1990, Jody Hill was called as the Senior Pastor, and served in that capacity until 1993.  In January of 1995, Mark A. Martin was called as Senior Pastor. In the fall of 1997, Tami Byrd was called as Associate Pastor of Youth, and Curtis L. Ferrell was added to the staff as Pastor of Music and Worship in February of 1998. In August 2006, Mark A. Martin felt the call to lead another congregation.


In October 2007, Pastor Chris Gammello began leading us as the Senior Pastor and remains our Senior Pastor. In 2011 and 2014, respectively, Curtis Ferrell and Tami Byrd felt the call to minister in other locations.


Our history is vital, but not defining. God has given us--a mission--and vision to accomplish that mission!

The future will be full of hope and promise, if we faithfully carry our Christ's mission

and follow God's vision for our congregation! 

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